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About Us

Who We Are

Tiwff is a global online Home Improvement and Décor retailer. We got to know through various channels that people around the world have to burden high cost for their home stuff. There is no doubt it is more costly when pursuing high quality and high-end products. Actually, there are many excellent and leading manufacturers in home improvement and décor industry, but they normally choose to cooperate with those big companies and top brands to find a way in the international arena. So when you pay for a product, you are paying for a lot additional cost other than the value of the product itself. Why do you have to spend your hard-earned money on something you shouldn’t pay for? Inspiring by the situation, we traveled to pick and choose reliable, trusted and excellent manufactures among numerous manufacturers. We strictly tested and compared the products to insure the highest standards. We cut all unnecessary links to keep the price as low as possible. With the good wishes of connecting the OEM manufacturers with customers and introduce these excellent products worldwide, Tiwff was born in 2015.

Our Misson

-Quality is our utmost priority. We directly bring the products from the trusted OEM manufacturers to maintain the high quality. There are times of technical and quality controls to insure the highest standards.

-Keep the price as low as possible for our customers. No fancy showrooms. No middlemen. No additional value of brands. These savings are passed along to you with low prices. What’s more, there are weekly-promotions on our website, common holiday promotions and Rewards Program to save more for you.

-Ensure product variety and embrace new. We have a wide selection of great products, meanwhile, we keep introducing new technologies and adding new products from time to time.

-What you see is what you get. One of the annoying risks of online shopping is the difference between images and actual products. We ensure that all of our product images are taken based on the actual products to minimize or avoid differences.

-Deliver the products safely and fast. Before shipment, we will have every piece of the products strictly inspected and well-packed. We provide different shipping options to suit different products and destinations, our principle is to use reliable shipping services only.

-Your satisfaction is our number one goal. We employ well motivated professional staff and work out 15 day return&exchange policy and product warranties. So our customers are safe in the knowledge that they are receiving accurate advice in response to their inquiries and any order issue or complaint will be resolved until 100% satisfied.

Our Aim

We strive to carry products that will be the focus of your home's decor, and always with superior selection, value, and quality. Our aim is simply to be your first choice of supplier for Home Improvement and Décor products.